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Weekly Review #10

German crosswalk button lets you play Pong with bystander on opposite side. Genius! What other innovative solutions could we use to make unavoidable daily burdens more fun?

SF Gate article on the tech gentrification controversy. I like that this writer calls out that this class struggle is not new, except that now the incoming residents are affluent tech workers rather than immigrant families. Plus it covers the now-obvious point that the shuttles are good for taxpayers, not an ‘illegal use of infrastructure’. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – supply and demand, yo.

Daniel Tenner’s ‘Founder’s Library’. Collection of startup related essays a la that of Spencer Schoeben’s that I featured a while ago – Miami nightlife photographer quits job and travels the world. The story isn’t new, but I must say I am impressed that this guy has managed to stay on the road for as long as he has. Others who have gone down this route (like Tynan with Life Nomadic or Nomadic Matt) eventually tire of life as a nomad and settle down to build a life for themselves. Not to say it isn’t a bad idea – but as Matt points out above, after a certain point you overdose on travel. Looks like this guy hasn’t hit that yet.

Why Ruby on Rails is the best language for entrepreneurs. Basically, Rails lets you build working prototypes (Minimum Viable Products) with the least hassle. The ability to do that, as a non technical cofounder, will set you far above the competition.

HelloSign – electronically sign documents inside Gmail! This app is simple, easy, and does what it says it does. Finally.

How to be a Recession Proof Graduate – Do work you like for free for the people you want to work with, then upgrade. Curate your own blog in order to make a personal brand.