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Marketing Job Hunt

I’ve been delving deep in the online job search for the past week, and yet it feels wrong. My personal experience and every business blog I’ve ever read dictate that the best roles are found through personal networks, not on a classified listings site. So I’m reaching out to you, dear readers, to see if you know somebody who can make use of me.

Ideally, I’m looking for a marketing role at a small to medium sized company near San Francisco, with a consumer/B2B product. I want to work for a company I believe in, which (probably, not necessarily) fits within those specifications.

Companies I’ve been looking at include Pinterest, Patreon, Product Hunt, Mattermark, Autopilot, Houzz, Gumroad, Secret, Vayable, Eventbrite, Braintree, 42floors, Evernote, Klout, Hootsuite, Lovely, Scribd, Buffer, and HackerRank.

You can read more on my qualifications on LinkedIn, but in short, I’m a creative growth hack aficionado and proven content marketer. I product managed a Kickstarted self published book , wrote articles for travel industry leader Matador Network, and helped grow a venture backed startup (Onmyblock) to 11 employees and regular weekly transactions. Hopefully my website and Twitter speak for themselves.


Location – Like the rest of the young technorati flocking to the city, San Francisco is preferable to the peninsula, due to the current balance of Silicon Valley power and the fact that I grew up in Palo Alto.

Role – I’m quite experienced in general marketing due to past internships. Plus I’m very good at creating content due to this blog, writing the Life is a Game book, and time at Matador Network . I’m trying to avoid sales or customer service, though if they were ‘renaissance style’ positions where you’re encouraged to iterate rather than be a hamster on a wheel that could be interesting.

Company size– If it’s too small, then it’s unlikely for there to be a need for nontechnical me (as was the case at my last job), and if it’s too big, you become a cog in the machine and learning prospectives suffer. That said, if it still has that startup culture, a big company could still be valuable.

Company type – Some phrases that keep popping up in the listings I’m looking at are ‘growth hacking’, ‘data driven’, ‘entrepreneurial mindset’, ‘optimization’, ‘content marketing’, and ‘product manager’. Some words that describe the companies include ‘software as a service (SaaS)’, ‘mobile app’, ‘lean practices’, and ‘agile methodology’. An ideal employer is one that would be featured on Y Combinator’s Hacker News,, or Product Hunt.

For my entrepreneurially minded friends who ask why I don’t just start my own company – it is tempting. Yet I believe that right now the best thing I can do is learn tons hands-on in the heart of Silicon Valley, leaving me better equipped to do my own thing in a few years. Then again, that’s the same argument that keeps people locked into their job, afraid to take the jump. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

If you know of a role, company, or person that comes to mind after reading this, please let me know at ‘corey at breiers dot com’. Much appreciated!