This is an incomplete list of people I respect and admire, along with links to their online presence.


Tynan used to be a pre eminent pickup artist, then traveled the world out of his backpack for 2 years, and now lives out of an RV in SF to beat the rent prices.

Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich)  Ramit’s shtick is about money, but really he’s on a mission to figure out how to change people’s minds. His listserve emails are hilarious and passive-aggressively enticing.

Tim Ferriss (4 hour blog) Tim is a human guinea pig – he’s single minded in finding the best way to do something, then he goes out and tries it himself, be it hacking the workweek, exercise, or cooking. He’s always up to something interesting.

Maneesh Sethi  (hackthesystem) Maneesh does whatever he wants and then tells you how he did it. Great travel times and time saving hacks.

James Altucher. James has hit rock bottom more than once (financial, emotional, romantic, business breakdown), single handedly saved the stock market in 2008 by handing out chocolates, and writes an insane amount of blog posts. His twitter bio remains my absolute favorite: “For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. One day I’ll run out of stuff but not yet.”

Derek Sivers (sivers.org) Derek sold cdbaby.com for 22 million, but more interesting are his takes on life, coding, and discipline.

Oliver Emberton is somewhat of a god on Quora – he wrote an answer there that is now being turned into a Hollywood film, and boasts several of the top voted answers of all time on the site. Great productivity hacks and tips.

Julien Smith (inoveryourhead) This writer maverick finally started a company, Breather. His insights are more powerful than his background would have you believe.

Ryan Holiday is the ad guy behind Tucker Mac and American Apparel – in short, he knows what he’s doing. He’s also an avid reader and shares the treasures he finds.

Mark Manson traveled the pickup artist cum entrepreneur route just like Tynan did. His writing on philosophy and manhood keep getting better and better.

Tucker Max – yes, THAT Tucker Max. His new site is ‘post fratire’ and reveals that the guy is a lot smarter than you’d ever think from his prior writings.

Charlie Hoehn hustled his way from his mom’s basement into being Tim Ferriss’s personal assistant and has since written some books. Awesome stuff- I can certainly agree with his Play It Away mentality for combating stress.

Scott Britton at Life Long Learner moved to Rio de Janeiro with some of his best buddies because, well, he could! Solid tips on media and life hacking.

Zach Obront’s work is mostly  behind the scenes aiding other hustlers like Ryan and Tucker, but his personal blog has good learnings and a stellar book list I’m raid often.

Noah Kagan is obsessed with tacos and sharing precise online business tips through okdork.com

Nick Winteris a total badass who madeSkritter, an app to teach Chinese using touchscreen gestures, and lifehacks the hell out of his every day.

Chris Bailey ( A Year of Productivity) This Canadian took a year off and is devoting the whole thing to the pursuit of productivity. He stumbles across a lot of good findings in the process.

Paul Graham is the man behind the prestigious Y Combinator startup incubator, and has written countless invaluable essays on entrepreneurship on his site.

Colin Wright (exilelifestyle) moves to a new country every 6 months – one chosen by his readers.

Seth Godin – the marketing god regularly spouts off genius insights on the industry.

Sebastian Marshall somehow consults for thousands of dollars from somewhere in Southeast Asia. His posts deal with personal discipline and strategy.

Cal Newport started off writing Study Hacks for students and now writes about productivity from an academic perspective.

Michael Ellsberg writes for Forbes about business and wrote The Education of Millionaires.

Benny Lewis teaches you how to be Fluent in 3 Months in any language, along with other travel tips.

Casey Neistat – Casey pays with $2 bills, regularly spends corporations money doing whatever he wants, and generally make even a trip to the grocery store look like an adventure.